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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to pay extra to change colors/graphics?

When you purchase a layout, you are paying for our time to create and personalize it for you.  To change things that require extra customization, actually double the time to make the board.  To double the price for such changes would not make the price very reasonable.  Which is why there is a small $5 fee for each extra customization.


*All purchases are digital files ONLY




What's included in my purchase?

With larger purchases that have a chalkboard background:

  • -We send final files with multiple chalkboard backgrounds, from real chalky to black options.  All are full sized and ready to be printed, so you just pick your favorite and send it off to the printers!

  • -Your file in the size you ordered and an 8×10 size (great for scrapbooks and sharing online).

  • -Several paragraphs of various printing ideas from expensive printing options to inexpensive ones.

  • -Smaller purchases or purchases that don’t have a chalkboard background will just come with the file you’ve purchased.  For instance if you ordered the patio rules sign with a green background, you’d get that file, but no 8×10 or files with multiple chalkboard backgrounds. However, invites will come with a blown up 8x10 version which is great to display at the party!

I love this layout, but we have different colors & theme, can you change it?

Great, this is called CUSTOM printables, so I can do pretty much anything you’d like:

Yes we can change colors of layouts.

Yes we can change graphics in layouts.

Yes we can change categories in the layouts.

Yes we can change the ages in all birthday boards, it can be made for a 1 year old, 18 year old, or 70 year old!

However, to make certain changes in most layouts requires a fee.  Custom fees usually come into place if you’d like a color change, graphic change/addition, or would like to add more than the limitations allow.  To make one of these changes just add to cart as custom, to change more than one of these you’d add to cart as a double custom (each is $5). To remove graphics DOES NOT require a fee.

What is a category?

I’m confused on when you mention category, what is that?

If we say “choose one category to be highlighted on the bottom and 4 to be highlighted on the sides.”  By category we mean things like: nicknames, favorite songs, favorite books, favorite shows, date of birth, special quotes, “I Can” or “I am,” favorite foods, best friends, first word or words that can be said, favorite time of day, favorite game, firsts and anything else you can think of.


A category is a topic you want to put in a specific area.  When choosing a category for a layout, make sure your answers are equivalent in size to the sample or else you must pay a custom fee to reformat and change sizes to make it fit.




I ordered, now what do I do?

Please always read the description of each item thoroughly.  In the description it will inform you of the information we need and limitations of that layout.  You'll know if you have to pay a custom fee to make certain changes and so forth.  Reading through the description of the layout you choose, will save time and ensure you get your finished file in the quickest way possible!




What if I need changes after you send the final files?

It is important to know that we only keep final files for 14 days after purchase.  This is the version that is editable and used to make changes.  You may ask us to keep it for a bit longer if need be, but make sure to ask before that time period is up. The download links we send with final files, these are JPG files and cannot be edited – these are available for up to 30  days after purchase.  So just make sure you have them downloaded by then.


Once you approve a sample and we send final files, if you need any changes after that there will be fees associated with it.  It is the customers responsibility to proof for errors & make any corrections needed once samples are sent.


Currently for one change – whether it be adding, taking off, changing something on the board or changing the file size there is a $3 fee.  For more than one change there is a $5 fee (assuming changes are reasonable and you're not redoing the entire file).  For size changes the fee is $3, but only one chalkboard background is resent so you must also pick your favorite from the final files.


If after 14 days you need or want something changed, you’d have to repurchase the item since the file that we are able to edit would be deleted.






Once I have the final file,  what do I do?

Don’t worry we aren't  just going to send you the file and leave you to figure it out on your own, especially if this your first time and you have no idea how to go about getting this printed.  When we send final files, we send an entire page of varous printing ideas and methods, with step by step instructions.


Basically any local print shop or retail store that has a photo/print area can print this in multiple ways.  There are also tons of places online that can print your Custom Printable.  It basically comes down to a few things: how quick you need it, the size you need, the money you’d like to spend and what you’d like it printed on.


We provide cheap ideas to expensive ideas to get it printed.  Along with our personal preferences on how/where to print files. 

Will I receive an actual chalkboard?

No.  All files are DIGITAL FILES ONLY.

Currently the majority of files have a chalkboard background.  It is the background and fonts used that make it appear to be on a chalkboard. 

With larger orders, when final files are sent, they are sent with multiple chalkboard backgrounds from you to choose from. From ones that are real chalky to a pure black background.  So it comes down to personal taste on which you’ll like best.




What is your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of these products there are no returns. Especially as these are digital files.

Rest assured you will leave a satisfied customer. We have a 5 star rating after thousands of sales.

You can see current reviews here:







Once I order, how long until I receive my file?

Please always check the shop announcement for current turn around time. 

The current turn around time, can, does, and will change – it is based on how many orders we have, personal obligations we have in life (traveling, events and so forth).  The current time will always be on the shop announcement on the etsy page or home page here on this site.


Also if you think you need a rush make sure it is available.  There are a couple times during the year that rushes are not available, for instance if  we are out on vacation.  If this is the case the announcement will display "NO RUSHES available." 


Currently  turn around time is 72 hours, Rushe for $5 is 24 hours & DoItNow/Same Day for $10 is same day if order is in before 5PM eastern time.   All return times exclude Sundays and Holidays.



What size should I get?

The most common sizes are 8×10, 11×14, 11×17, 16×20, 16×24, 18x24, and 20×30, but you can have any size you’d like.

If you're getting a birthday board or sign, we usually suggest sizes 16×20 or 20x30.  The reason for this (especially for birthday boards) is there is a lot of information on these files and most of the fonts have details in them you cannot see unless blown up.  These two sizes are also the most common among print shops.  20x30 is a great size because it can also be printed in a 16x24 and 24x36 size as they are all the exact same proportions. 


Also with the larger board purchases we send a free 8×10.  These sizes are great to share on fb with those who will not get to see the final product in person and great to print out to save in a scrapbook.


We also HIGHLY suggest finding out what you want your file printed on first (paper, canvas etc) and then figure out where you’re going to purchase it. This way you can make sure they offer the size you're ordering.  There are tons of places online that are cheaper but take longer.  But you want to get an idea of where you’re going to print so you can make sure the size you order is attainable from the place you plan on printing it.  To resize a file after final files are sent there is a small custom fee associated with this.


Can I see a sample layout first?

Absolutely!  All customers receive a sample after purchase and before final files are sent.  Only after purchase.


For those creating a new design/theme for a custom listing, sorry but we do not create the design first before payment, a payment is always required priror to it's creation.


Once purchased, the item will be sent to the email you’ve provided us with or associated with your account.  Once approved and minor change requests made, we will then send you a HIGH RESOLUTION 300 DPI JPEG file to have printed.


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