Select Style & Write following in notes to seller:
-Just add the style & size you want to cart, then write the following information in the notes to seller area during checkout:
-Childs name & Age:
-Height/Weight/Teeth (may substitute teeth for an additional category with older children):
-10-14 likes/loves (list in order of priority, will list what can fit)
-6 to 8 things the child can do OR facts about them for top right box:
-Nickname or something else you want to be displayed in middle column on bottom:
-2 categories to be displayed in bottom right box (can be anything you'd like, answers just need to be equivalent in size to sample shown otherwise add to cart as custom):

*To change colors, add/edit graphics, go over above limitations add to cart as custom. To change more than one of these things add to cart as double custom.

Baseball Batter UP bday