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The Gia Collection

Many of you may know that three months ago we had our second little one and this time we had a little girl. Since she was born I have been playing around with our monthly milestone signs. Trying out new designs and new ways to make these affordable to the masses.

As I started this business, I've made signs for my little man as much as the wind blows. Then comes a point, where am I going to store all of these? Sure the yearly birthday boards are great for the playroom, but all of the other random milestone signs, could...heck would be a little too much to put all over the walls.

Many of our customers get larger signs monthly printed out for the milestone boards, commonly 11x14, 16x20 and 20x30. Imagine 12 of those?

What are you going to do with all of them when you're done taking a picture next to your little one? You don't want to throw them away, but if you're not going to put them on display somewhere you know they are just going to collect dust somewhere.

So we came up with an idea for our customers to save money and time! Not to mention the hassle of trying to get the perfect angle of the picture and your little one. I mean seriously, does anyone else have that issue? They smile all day long, as soon as the camera is out and the sign is angled perfectly...they won't look at you or you get the "serious" face.

So why not have a custom sign made, take pictures of your little one until you get that "right" picture and then have us crop them in next to their sign!

Then from there these are GREAT to share on social media and cheap to print. You can print as an invite size 4x6 or 5x7 or even an 8x10 and then put in a scrapbook or keep as a keepsake, instead of having to store a large poster or poster board. Genius isn't it? Save money & hassle with this options!

In honor of this new option we offer and our little lady. We are also releasing our "Gia Collection" today, inspired by our little lady Gia Jade.

You can find our new collection and all of our other milestone signs here on the site or in our

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