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Bows & Headbands for days

I'll admit it, I got sucked in. Sucked into the every time we go out or take a picture our little lady has to have a headband on. I'm not sure if this headband craze is to help others know that this cute little baby is a girl. I mean seriously how many times can your baby be decked out in all pink and then people at the grocery store still ask "a boy or girl?" Or if it's just because these headbands make them so cute (well depending on the headband choice).

Of course I am now obsessed with rocking my little girl with some headband swag. However, I am NOT a fan of those big massive flowers that others like to plop on the side of their little ones head. During our newborn photoshoot the photographer put one of those on Gia's head. Obviously it isn't going to hurt anything so I didn't say anything.

My motto in life is if it really isn't going to hurt anything, don't complain to someone else about what they are doing, there is no point in it. Yes even if I get a meal when we are out to eat and I'm not a fan of it or something is wrong, I eat it down like a big girl and am grateful for the meal in front of me. I don't eat half of it, call a waiter over and complain asking for a new or free meal. If you wanted your steak medium rare and it's medium, is it really worth putting that extra stress on a waiter/waitress/cook to make you another one? Eat it down and I'm sure you'll wake up perfectly fine the next day ;)

Anyway back to headbands. Of course my little Gia looks so cute and adorable in this picture. But with these huge bands it seems like that is just the main focus. So I was on the hunt for something I would define as more modern and bandana type like or something simple and elegant.

Something for her photoshoot that I brought was this cute little Gem, which I purchased via etsy from SweetEllasBoutique

I had a couple others as well that I believe I found on amazon. Simple, elegant, and doesn't feel like you're putting a costume on top of your childs head during a dressing.

I then ventured out and stumbled across this amazing shop owner for some more every day head bands. I purchased 4 styles from her and after leaving a review saying I'd be back for more, she even contacted me to tell me that because I'd be a return customer she'd not only shoot me a coupon code for when I came back but would expedite the shipping! Who can say no to that?

Here are 3 out of the 4 styles I purchased from her shop. I fail miserably at photography so her photos of these bands in her shop are much better, but oh I do love my little model using her drool as a lovely prop.

That last picture just makes me think of Gia trying to be gangster already hahahaha.

You can find these style of headbands (which is the style I am personally in love with) here:

Now let me warn you, don't go there unless you want to spend some money or a good amount of time trying to pick which ones you want. It was hard for me to narrow it down to just four because there are so many cute designs!

It's a shame that I didn't get a picture of her in her "bows before bros" shirt for this post, as it would have been perfect.

So what style headband do you prefer? Is there some other amazing style out there I am missing? I am new to this being a Mommy to a little girl thing (I'm sure my bank account will fully become aware soon that I have a little girl that needs a closet filled). Before it was (still is) all dinosaurs and trains for our little man. So if you have a place you love to shop for your headbands, fill me in!

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